The Z- Factor

Antía Pereiras Villamayor e Tania Nogueira Montoto, de 1 º BAC B, fannos a seguinte crónica da representación teatral á que venen de asistir (The Z-Factor, pola compañía teatral Clever Pants).

On 22nd January some students from 3rd ,4rd and 1st Bacharelato went to the theatre’s performance at the Culture’s House, in Silleda.

There were three actors and the performance was a funny comedy, so we think that all students had a great time and some of our classmates helped the actors with the performance. Moreover, it was very easy and we could understand everything, the actors were fantastic and the production was wonderful.

It was the story of a boy who only wanted to play computer games and he had problems with his parents. He also had bullying problems because he and the tough boy of his classroom were in love with the same girl. Finally, the girl fell in love with him.
We really enjoyed it!

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